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 PATAN is an organization comprised of owners of rear wheel drive Citroën’s built between 1919 and 1939


How it all started:

PATAN, one of the 30 Citroën clubs in The Netherlands, was initially organized 18 November 1979. 

At that time PATAN (the letters stood then for Propulsion Arrière Traction Avant Nederland) (Translation: Propulsion Rear Traction Avant Netherlands) and was a division of the T.A.N, and in the T.A.N. organization many of the members also owned a Traction Avant (front wheel drive) in addition to older rear wheel drive Citroëns built before 1939 therefore, Traction Avant became part of the name.

On 1 January 1994 PATAN broke the tie with the T.A.N. and became a self standing organization, an organization that distinguishes itself from other clubs in that the members own and drive so many different types and models of Citroëns built between 1919 and 1939.

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"Schotse R(u)it 2012" 
This was the name for the tour of PATAN in the Scottish Border and North Thumberland which was held from
2 August to the 16th August 2012. This tour is driven by owners of 41 Citroën cars manufactured in the years 1910-1934
"Schotse Ruit rit" is difficult to translate but the best translation is: "The Scottisch Quare ride"

The program of the rally "Schotse R(u)it" for 2012 was:

Thursday 2 August start from IJmuiden to New Castle 5km. By ferry DFDS to Port of Tyne in New Castle. 

Friday     3 August arrival New Castle and driving to Gretna Green via the Hadrians Wall.

                 Lunch in the Twice Brewed Inn                         120km

Saturday 4 August Gretna Green visit to Carlisle                   65km

                Morning   : Display cars and lunch Citroen Telford in Carlisle

                Afternoon : Visit and display of the cars in Carlisle City Centre

Sunday   5 August Gretna Green - DAY OFF 

                 17.00 hours Visit Black smith shop for whisky tasting

Monday   6 August Gretna Green – Caerlaverock Castle          95km

                          Visit Devils porridge, Lunch Powfoot Golfhotel.

Tuesday  7 August Gretna Green trip to Dumfries & Lockerbie  90km

                          Visit Aviation museum Dumfries   

                          Lunch in Somerton hotel Lockerbie 

Wednesday 8 August Gretna Green to Peebles (Ecclestone)    108km

                           Lunch Yibetan Temple Karma Drubgyu in Eskademuir.

Thursday    9 August  Peebles trip to Rosslin Chapel                55km

                              Visit Chapel and lunch in the Rosslin Hotel.

Friday       10 August Peebles trip to Edinburgh                       88km

                              Visit Grass Market lunch International Hotel

                              Visit bridge Forth of Firth.

Saturday   11 August Peebles bustour to Myreton Glenkinchie     0km

                                    Visit Automuseum Myreton, lunch in Myreton

                              Visit distillery Glenkinchie

Sunday       12 August Peebles - DAY OFF

Monday       13 August Peebles to Morpeth                              155km

                                Lunch in Waggon Inn in Telso

Tuesday      14 August Morpeth trip to Alnwick Castle                  85km

                                Visit and Lunch at Alnwick Castle

Wednesday 15 August  Morpeth to Port of Tyne                          47km

                                New Castle DFDS ferry to IJmuiden

                                Lunch in the Kings Arms Seaton Sluice

Thursday     16 August arrival in IJmuiden.                                 5km

Total distance of the PATAN tour “Schotse R(u)it”   542 miles =  918km 

You don't believe it we have been travelling 12 days in Schotland and we have had only 1 rain shower of 2,5 hours.
That was all, the weather was beautiful during the period we stayed in Scotland. The hotels were perfect, the weather perfect, no accidents, some troubles with the cars but that is all in the game. Only 1 car was not possible to repair by the participants and was send back to the Netherlands.
Devils porridge, newpaperarticle with several foto's of the participants cars.


Photo of the tour with the participants through Belgium and Germany in 2009.

Circle left starting with type A 1919 , B2 1922, B12 1926, B14 1928, AC4 1928, C4 1930, C6 1932, Rosalie 1934.

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